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Were simply dying to hear from you but please  take time to browse around. There”s  so very much to see and  order,  We don’t stock any of our unique crafts, dark gifts & specialised props.  Our designs  are  freshly made with you in mind! Payments are as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Simply check out with  PayPal.Me. We are confident that you will be truly happy with our  customer  service  response !

"Something cool from across the pond !"

Author MJ La Beff


+Dark Gifts+

£8.00 - £14.00

A unique collection of dark gifts in weather worn veneers, metallic effects and natural stone. Suitable for wreath embellishment, urban, dark displays & secret gardens.  Available as corbels, plaques and emblems. Commissions welcome, watch this space !

“ love it ”  Lauretta My Love


+Off The Wall+

£35.00 - £80.00

Made to order wall art in unique surface textures.  A signature service! Available in small / large deep edge formats for juxtaposed displays! Textures have magnetic  appeal ! Alternative FXS with simple colour changes ! The light weight design makes  for easy  installation!

Exceptional "  Kate Kelley


+Your Title Here+

£90.00 -£145.00

Large format art work available made to order covering a range of genres. Rock, Goth, Punk, Mystic and so much more ! Choose any preset design for a handmade copy. Sign sealed and free delivery from yours truly. Alternatives send us your ideas! Books covers  welcome!

“It rocks"  Martin Hawthorne


+Little Horrors+

£7.00 - £22.00

Available  to order figurines. They are full of dark humour and have lots of details. Order a preset theme or  alternatively send an image of what you want. Little Horrors can be adapted to work with any theme. Blank figurines are also available for trick or treat projects and events.

“ beautiful ”   Spiritualism Live


+Love Never Dies+

£25.00 - £80.00

Part wreath, part decor. A great personalised gift suitable for interiors, displays and events. Order now free standing or as wall art. The set  can also be embedded with contrasting materials. Super easy to hang with detachable hanging strips. Commissions welcome in alternative fonts  and styles.


" Clever ” Barry Faulkner 


+Rec - Storage+

£40.00 - £100

Recycling does not get as eco-friendly as this!  Recycled - Storage baskets are hand crafted from 100% newspaper.These ‘ natural born fillers’ are more than an object of curiosity. They’re superb for shopping and displaying your hand made goods. All design are highly decorative & have a finish which gives new meaning to the material. 

"Brilliance ” A.G Mogan


+Halos and Horns+

£25.00 - £40.00

A selection of wreaths  sculptured for any event or function with unique embellishments. These can be used to commemorate a personal occasion or a change in season. All Pulp Art Wreaths are available to order / commission in a standard 30cm format. Special request are reserved or the XL 40 / 43cm formats.


“ Unique ”  Liza Langston


+Special Props+

£15.00 - £145.00

 High quality feature props for your event with creative flair, innovation and unbeatable value!  Check out  our ample range of props and accessories  for those special occasions. Tailor-made for store fronts, masquerades & private events. 

“...Visionary...” Damien Patterson


Dead Or Alive

£40.00 -£90.00

Drop dead creepy crafts inspired by the magical and the macabre! Treat yourself and adorn that mantel with these spectacular hand madepoppets and eerie figurines. Spooky touches designed by yours truly for connoisseurs of the letters Z, AHS and TWD

“Check it out!” Sandy.S.Bazinet


+Tell Tale Hearts+

£67.00 - £90.00

Whether your breaking up or making up #TTH are the tell tale gift . There’s more! #TTH is sealed with your very own gift message. This signature service is available in alternative styles and finishes! The light weight design makes easy installation. The perfect centre piece. Order now in a look and feel you will always love! 

“ adorable” Samantha Hayton