Tell Tale Hearts ?

Pulp Art ironically began as a heart made from paper pulp. Theoretically, the hashtag describes a unique process  which recycles  news papers  into surface decoration material.  Its a  raw art  process which we have finely tuned into an automatic expression.

Where the heart is?


 From our standpoint  we didn’t bond with the tag “pulp heart”. It seemed grounded in the product. We were recycling ideas as much as we were  up cycling our own  materials. The art has always been in the making, therefore, Pulp Art sounded more effective! The  process has inspired much of what you see. A tactile interaction with multi media effect! Now, #PulpArtUK covets a range of products and services. Contrast and contradiction is our soul inspiration!

"Beautiful ” Patricia McDonald 

Goodbye? I love you?


Each Tell Tale Heart is made with the utmost care & always with you in mind. It comes with a personal gift message. This can be one of you own making or simply a complimentary message from yours truly. The message is part of the hearts make up. A “tell tale” gift for a range of occasions. A gift of love?  A final farewell? The message will always be  sealed into the back of the heart for eternity! 


Confectionary Appeal


#TTH are  the pulse of PULP ART.  This signature service  will rejuvenate  your home or business. As a feature it draws you in!  You will be amazed by the hearts  light  weight design considering how it looks and feels.The enigma lies in the topiary style surface textures  which have a confectionary appeal. The  textures are hypnotic making this our most exclusive design.

“Amazing”  Manuela Lordache